It's Sam, 

I’m a full-time freelancer photographer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
 I fly oversea a lot, I’m part of a collective, I have an artist manager, full time worker and sometimes an agency.

I lovee making photos! Like 
Events, Weddings, Portraits, Fashion, Products, Food and much more

I can direct you to pose, think of concept for your photoshoot, light you in many ways and shot you, all at the same time

How we work

*To upper your insta game, I can send you quick photos on location, from my camera to my phone to your phone. edited with the same professional programs. 

*I do not share raws/unedited photos, every photo I deliver is hand edited by me and I put my heart and soul into that stuff, so please don't ask.

Out of camera

Out of camera

Fast edit

Few hours edit

Who we have worked with

And much much more 

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